Referee and Coaching Course Survey

Referees Course

In an initiative to increase the number of referees in the state, all FRU and FYRU teams are required to have a minimum of one active referee and two qualified touch judges by Sept 1st 2014. This initiative forms a part of the contract between the Rugby Unions and Florida Rugby Referee Association (FRRA).

  • To help ensure that all clubs have enough referees the FRRA will provide at least three Level 1 Referee courses this summer to help fulfill this initiative.

  • The Touch Judge course is available online (click here).

  • After September 1, 2014 all clubs, home and away, will be required to provide one qualified, non-playing touch judge for the duration of every match.

  • If a team chooses not to or fails  meet the referee and touch judge requirements, they can pay a fee of $200 to the FRU. This fee covers the cost of training a replacement referee and/or touch judge.

  • If the referee and touch judge requirement is not met or the fee is not paid, the club will not be in good standing with the FRU. This club will not be assigned referees for any further matches.

  • Active referees can only be used to meet this requirement if the referee or touch judge is a direct product of your club. “Direct product” means that the referee was an active player or coach for the club before becoming a referee.

  • To maintain active status a referee must be assigned to, and officiate, a minimum of 5 x 15s matches or 3 x 7s tournaments per calendar year. If at the end of the year the referee has not officiated the required matches. The club needs to send a new representative to the clinic the following year.

We have created the following survey to find the best dates for the referees course.

Coaches Course

Coaches Course

Under the new coaching structure every coach, regardless of their background, is responsible for completing the following requirements in order to have an “active” standing with USA Rugby. A coach is considered “active” for the membership cycle when they complete the following:

  1. Register as a coach with USA Rugby

  2. Pass a biennial background screening

  3. Complete the Player Protection Package

  4. Complete a certification course

  5. Annually maintain “active” status. – this is done by obtaining Professional Development Credits (PDCs) either online or by attending Continuing Education Clinics, such as the 7s clinic to be held prior to the May Madness 7s.

All coaches including Head Coach and Assistant Coaches are required to have an active status with USA Rugby. This guarantees liability coverage for players, coaches and the club itself. Any coach of a contact Rugby team needs to have a level 200 certification.

Lastly, every team must have at least one level 200 active coach registered with their team to be considered “in compliance” with the USA Rugby.

We have created the following survey to find the best location for the level 200 coaching course. The location with the most responses will host the August 24th coaching course.

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