Executive Board & Administration

FRU Executive Board

Position Name Phone E-mail
President Kerri O’Malley 352-262-9308 president@floridarugby.org
Collegiate VP (Men’s & Women’s) Jessica Premet 813-892-8747 premetjm@gmail.com
Senior Men’s VP Vacant
Senior Women’s VP Mary Leigh Miller 352-504-5154 saturdayisarugbyday@gmail.com
7s VP(Men’s & Women’s)  Steve Braunstein  239-707-7848  stevensbraunstein@gmail.com
Treasurer  Matt Tierney  850-621-2531  rugbygator@gmail.com
Secretary Rick Comisky 786-239-5912 rjc4@ymail.com


FRU General Manager Evan Haigh 407-721-4080 evan.haigh@floridarugby.org
Florida Collegiate Conference Commissioner Kirk Swanner 954-347-4147 FCC@floridarugby.org
 Discipline Chair Neil Cohen  407-489-1757 neilcohen2713@yahoo.com
 Men’s Southern Conference Competitions Chair & USA Rugby Congress Representative  Martin Gardner  954-292-2774  martin@ftlrugby.com
Women’s Southern Conference Competitions Chair Katie McAuley  954-650-7322  tanbabe2003@yahoo.com


    1. Dan, thanks for the feedback. Our link is to the usarugbystats page. The clubs are supposed to enter their scores, and we as a union confirm the score is correct and matches the CIPP form submitted from game day. We are following up with the clubs to ensure compliance, as they will start to lose points for not using the system, and thus possibly move in the standings. So it’s the clubs themselves that need to help us keep this updated. The other site is a good reference, but those standings are not official, as they don’t have violations for the CIPP and roster compliance included.

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