Senior Men’s D2 & D3 Competitions

Please find below the schedules for D2 & D3 Men’s Rugby. The FRRA uses Ruggerfest as a development weekend, and thus it is bye date for all clubs as there are no refs available. These schedules were based upon feedback from clubs per surveys previously posted to this page and special requests were accommodated as best as possible.

FRU Mens Schedule Final 2013-2014 PDF Version

FRU Mens Schedule Final 2013-2014 Excel Version

The standings for these competitions are located at:

Florida Men’s D2:

Florida Men’s D3:

The schedule for these competitions are located at:

Florida Men’s D2:

Florida Men’s D3:

Previous Posts to this page relevant to competitions:

The Southern Conference Finals will be on May 3-4 to be hosted by Carolina. Carolina will be responsible for selecting host venue and associated costs of referees and trophies (this rotates each year so evens out over the cycle)

2014 Championship cycle is as follows

NCR 2 Championship rounds Semi/Final                   May 3/4                       (Easter is April 20 next year so looks OK)

NC East Championships, Semi/Final                          May 17/18                   East Championship between the winners of each NCR, 1, 2, 3, 4

National Championship                                              May 31st                      Winner of the east plays winner of the west

Future cycle is

2014       Carolina

2015       Georgia (unless they combine into another GU)

2016       True South

2017       Florida (GU application in process)



Previously posted (July 3 via email to club contacts and on this page):

At this time it is looking like for D2 Option 2 will be utilized for the schedule and for D3 Option 2 will be utilized.  D2 and D3 options provided below were emailed out and posted previously for review and vote on June 28.

D2 Options

D3 options

Previously posted (July 3 via email to club contacts and on this page):

For D2 clubs, please use this survey to request bye dates and home weekends. There are no guarantees requests can be accommodated but we will try our best

For D3 clubs, please use this survey to request home or away weekends. There are no guarantees requests can be accommodated but we will try our best

22 thoughts on “Senior Men’s D2 & D3 Competitions”

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  2. Palm Beach responding, I am waiting for a response from the Head Coach before voting. I hope to have an answer within the hour.


    John Cawthray

  3. Thanks Kerry, just wanted to make sure I got it to you the right way. John

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Boca Raton Option #2 div 2 John F Gross Match Secretary of Boca Raton

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Boca Raton Option #2 Div. II
    Boca Raton Option #1 Div. III( if we have a vote still) (we don’t plan on having a D-3 side)

  6. The following have come in via email, and also summarizing the votes on this page
    Daytona – #1 (also want add in similar to Krewe for a make-up week)
    Jax – #1
    Tridents – #1
    FTL – #2
    Naples – #2
    Krewe – #2
    Boca – #2
    Orlando – #2 (wanted #3 but changed vote since #3 lost)
    Miami – #3 –

    Sarasota – #1
    Pelicans – #1
    Gainesville – #1
    Indian River – #2
    Brevard – #2
    Treasure Coast – #2
    West Palm – #2
    Boca D3 – if competing prefer #1, but unsure of #s yet.

  7. Boca Raton votes option 2 for Division II
    Boca Raton votes option 1 for Division III

    John Gross
    Match Secretary of Boca Raton RFC

  8. I think for options 1 & 2 you have the ability to move matches into December (for those re-schedules early in the season), you can move matches to earlier in January for those reschedules needed mid-season and into the bye week for those late in the season (or teams could schedule Ruggerfest weekend if refs society approves). If there is a specific weekend a club needs off, it can likely be accommodated before the schedules go out. What are reasons for reschedules mid-season besides extreme weather?

  9. I vote for D3 – Option 2, although I would like to see the first bye moved up to week 3, so it would be 2 games, a bye and then 2 more games before the next bye.

    Corkey Newman
    Brevard Rugby Club

  10. One suggestion I would like to make would be to have at least one open weekend (all teams) somewhere in the schedule to allow for any makeup games. There is one open weekend before the semifinals, but I would guess that is intended for a week off before playoff competition.

    The bye weeks are great but cannot be used for a makeup when you are the only team off that weekend and all other teams are scheduled.

    If there were to be an open weekend, I would think it should also be closer to the end of the regular season schedule to allow for scenerios and conflicts to play out.

    One thought for the DII schedule would be to sort of combine option 1 and 2 by bumping up option 1 by a week for the first match weekend of 2014 (start Jan 18) and putting an open weeknd in somewhere after that. Or something similar to this.

  11. If I had to vote it be Option 2 for Division 2 for Boca Raton RFC.
    We do not have a D-3 side. Not enough players. but carry have a b-side
    which all teams should start to have again. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s it
    was a necessity for all teams to play two games.

  12. I don’t like all 3 options. Play 3 weekends in November. Off for thanksgiving day weekend
    Play for first two weeks in December (anything later in December messes with Christmas and Hannakuh). We found that out years ago.

  13. Not to screw up your voting forum here, but is there somewhere we should direct constructive comments/suggestions? Or can we do that here?

    Krewe Rugby

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