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Official competitions structure will be posted here. If you have a question, please direct it to the VP for your competition on the contacts page.

2015-2016 College Women’s Competitive Season Structure

The competitive schedule will be as follows – you will play each team in your division home and away. If D1, You will play 1 to 2 crossover games with clubs in the other division, for D2 you will play 2 crossover games. For D1, this is 9 to 10 matches. For D2, this is 6 matches. We cannot play all of the matches in the spring, so we will need to move matches to the Fall. When we thought we had 4 teams in each division we did not need spring games, but given the withdrawals from D2 and uneven number of clubs in D1 we need to make this accommodation. Clubs will play away the first weekend of spring break and have off the second weekend. If they want to move this match to an open date besides November 7, Feb 20, and Mar 26, they may do so. No matches can be moved to dates after March 26. However, this must be approved by the collegiate director and the refs society. Forfeit of any match will result in a deduction of league points and possible removal from the competitive structure for 2017.

D1 will play league and crossover games in the fall, D2 will only play crossover games in the fall and their league games in the spring. For standings, you must play your cross-over games, but the final score will not be utilized in your division’s standings. This is to encourage the D1 clubs to play their developmental and new players against the D2 clubs and to allow the D2 clubs to play a higher level of competition.

Below the schedule is the rationale for the changes and recognition that we tried to do our best to accommodate requests, but could not accommodate everything.

Tentative Schedule

women colleges 2015 updated_v2 women colleges 2015 updated_v2

  • They are loaded with away games in the spring
  • They did October 24 off for Homecoming, Spring Break and play their two crossover games are in South Florida.
  • They play 4 weeks in row
  • We need make sure that team accommodate them on KO times as they have tough road trips.
  • FSU first three games are away — This is because they have limited weekends available to them in Fall.
  • They play USF on either side of the Winter break. Not ideal but unavoidable to make the schedule work
  • Like FIU team will need to accommodate them on KO times
  • We gave them all their requests.
  • Late request for Homecoming given.
  • Due to the above late request, we no longer make the requested UF at home game on Feb 27th happen. They still get a home game just against a different opposition.
  • Two crossover games in the fall could not be accommodated. As they need to play at least league games in Fall to make the schedule work.
  • Request to play at AFD was not given until late and can not be accommodated. We feel that taking a home game from a team is not fair. Teams can agree to move games to that weekend if they wish. Options available to UCF is to ask USF if they wish to move the 10/31 game to AFD and secondly to ask FGCU if they wish to move their scheduled match to 3/5 to AFD.
  • They also play four weeks in a row.
  • All requests given
  • They play FSU either side of the winter break
  • Their schedule does not have long away trips on back to back weekends.
  • All requests given
  • Due to bye right after winter break they play UCF two games in row. Not ideal either because it is broken up by the break it is ok.
  • Two away games to the Tampa area to finish the season not ideal either but it is not a long drive for them.


women colleges 2015

2015 – 2016 Scheduling Requests Link – use this link to request additional bye dates and for other special requests – requests by Sunday, August 30, at 5PM.

Previous year’s info

Collegiate Women Schedule Fall 2013 – Sheet1

We will intermittently post updates on standings, but please see our “sister” site for updated unofficial standings.

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