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Men’s Club’s
Bay Area Pelicans Match Secretary Louis “Checkers” Coleman
Bay Area Pelicans President Alan Gancar
Boca Raton Match Secretary Ryan Moran
Boca Raton President John Devonport
Brevard Old Red Eye Match Secretary Joey Joseph
Brevard Old Red Eye President Corkey Newman
Central Florida Claymores Co-Founder Jamie Moncur
Daytona Beach President Jarrod Lanza
Daytona Beach Match Secretary Morris Culpepper
Fort Lauderdale Match Secretary Sam Fishman
Fort Lauderdale President Edgar Cuevas
Gainesville Match Secretary Mike Williams
Gainesville President Mike Williams
Indian River Men Match Secretary John Miller
Indian River Men President Leiris Morejon
Jacksonville Men Match Secretary Paul Sheehy
Jacksonville Men President Donald Alexander
Key West Men Match Secretary Conal Badger
Key West Men President Bill McDonough
Lakeland Lancers Match Secretary Drew Knight
Lakeland Lancers President Tyler Hilgers
Miami RFC Men Coach Luis Lucas
Miami RFC Men President Kevin McDonough
Naples Hammerheads Men Match Secretary Matt Slaughter
Naples Hammerheads Men President Todd Fischer
Okapi Wanderers President Mariano Gallo
Okapi Wanderers Match Secretary Cory Froio
Orlando Men President Rinaldo Cartaya
Orlando Men Vice President Chris Corchado
Palm Beach Panthers Men Match Secretary Ian Henry
Palm Beach Panthers Men President Jesse Owen
Sarasota Surge Match Secretary Josh Melancon
Sarasota Surge President Gary Jones
South Florida President Ryan Forston
South Florida Match Secretary Brianna Stewart
Tampa Krewe Men Vice President Billy Neilson
Tampa Krewe Men President Aaron Martin
Trident Match Secretary Leonel Ruiz
Trident President Jose Bermudez
Ocala President Nick Hatcher
Ocala Coach Ed Nichols
Tallahassee Coach Michael Gomez
Ave Maria Coach Filipe Pequito
Ave Maria President S Barry


Woman’s Club’s
Fort Miami Coach Mike Toms
Fort Miami President Andrea Devonport
Fort Miami Secretary Karen Liu
Indian River Women President Leiris Morejon
Indian River Women Treasurer Trisha Soreno
Jacksonville Women Coach Melissa Butler
Jacksonville Women Match Secretary Zoe Eprile
Jacksonville Women President Stacey Nemeth
Orlando Women Coach Jamie Vance
Orlando Women President Jamie Vance
Tampa Krewe Women Coach James Woollcombe-Clarke
Tampa Krewe Women Main Contact Jessica Premet

COLLEGE CLub Contacts

College Men
Ave Maria Men Coach Filipe Pequito
Ave Maria Men Match Secretary Samuel Cimaglio
Ave Maria Men President John Hilger
Eckerd Men President Zach Austin
FAU Men Coach Steve Mattingley
FAU Men President Jacob Johnson
FAU Men Match Secretary Mathieu Joseph
FGCU Men Coach Ryan Smith
FIU Men 7s Contact/Director/Organizer Dawson Araujo
FIU Men Coach Ronnie Suarez
FIU Men President Jack Freixa
FSU Men Coach Michael Gomez
FSU Men President Sam Owen
FSU Men Match Secretary
UCF Men Coach Evan Haigh
UCF Men Coach Ken Lindsay
UCF Men President Derrick Washington
UF Men Coach Ken Simmons
UF Men Coach TJ Chancellor
UF Men President Connor Murray
UF Men Match Secretary Abdullah Durrani
UM Men Coach Franklyn Williams
UM Men Match Secretary Liam Sypa
UM Men Treasurer Sam Granahan
UNF Men Coach Ed Clark
UNF Men President Galen Grinold
USF Men Director of Rugby Gordon Campbell
USF Men President
USF Men Match Secretary

College Women
Eckerd Women Coach Kelsey Brachna
Eckerd Women Match Secretary Nicole Vandale
Eckerd Women President Madison Grubb
FAU Women Administrator Alexandria O’Brien
FAU Women Coach Kiel McAuley
UM Women  Vice President Kailyn Nunez
FGCU Women Anayeli Barrios-Vega
FGCU Women Isabella Andersen
FGCU Women Jennifer Diaz
FIU Women Club Admin Anna Benigni
FIU Women Coach Trevor Alfred
FSU Women Coach Ashford Evans-Brown
FSU Women Main Contact FSU Women’s Rugby
FSU Women Match Secretary Tonia O’Neill
FSU Women President Jalisia Goodman
FSU Women Secretary Carsyn Bates
FSU Women Treasurer Leah Costigan
FSU Women VP Lauren Upper
FSU Women Coach Steph Schooling
UCF Women Coach Raoul Besse
UCF Women Match Secretary Desirae Nelson
UCF Women President Savannah Zafiris
UCF Women VP Christina Norman
UF Women President Samantha Olinick
UF Women Secretary Joceline Rodriguez
UF Women Treasurer Carolyn Muldowney
UF Women Coach Gary Byrne
UF Women VP Gabi Orosi
UM Women Coach
Emily Panasowich
UM Women President Abby Urquidi
USF Women Match Secretary Diamond Elliott
USF Women President Lauren Sawyer
USF Women Recruiting Chair Ruby Long
USF Women Risk Manager Katelynn Parks
USF Women Treasurer Leanna Noel
USF Women VP Elizabeth Gardner

Youth Contacts (U9 to U19) – Boys & Girls

Contact #1 Contact #2
Boys u19s Name Email Name Email
Boca Raton Garth Duff-Gray Chris Vassel
Cape Pirates Allen Hinkley
Cardinals Eric Aumann
Jacksonville Aaron Church
Key Biscayne Cristian Krossler Benjamin Blanco Pinto
SWFL Hammerheads JR Hernandez VICTORIA SWEET
Okapi Mariano Gallo Gavin McCleavy
Orlando Randy Voegele
Sarasota Liz Combe Andrew Tanner
Tampa Dave McFadden Aaron Martin
Wellington Alan Lawson Christie Lawson
Boynton Beach Sean Simon
Girls u19s
Duval Tides Ashley Hellett
Boynton Beach Lindsay Koren Sean Simon
Wellington Sean Keasler Alan Lawson
Boca Raton Garth Duff-Gray Chris Vassel
Cape Pirates Allen Hinkley Ray Campion
Key Biscayne Cristian Krossler Benjamin Blanco Pinto
Jacksonville Aaron Carter
Okapi Mariano Gallo Gavin McCleavy
St Pete Gareth Taylor
Sarasota Liz Combe
Tampa Joe Hilbush Peter Shaw
Wellington Alan Lawson Christie Lawson


  1. I played Rugby at Towson University 75-77, player and coach at West Virginia University 77-79 and in Washington DC 1983. I have retired to Terra Ceia, FL and would love to help coach and or train women’s rugby at any age. If anyone needs this kind of help send me a message at

  2. I am looking for a rugby club near Port Richey, I am a winter and also play full back. kindly give some useful information. Thank you for your assistance.
    Contact number is 8134095081

  3. Hi! I’m a 42 yr old woman that has 1 yr rugby experience and recently relocated to South Florida. Interested in playing again.

  4. Hey there,
    My neighbor watched some of LA 7s with his son and the kid really seemed interested. They are in Pasco County one son will be yurningv12 and the other is 6. What youth clubs are nearby, and what sort of rules, fees, and parent networks are in place? Thank you for any help you’re able to provide.

  5. Bula,my name is Orisi Rasiga I’m Fijian born and 28 years old.I was looking for a contact to communicate with any ckub rugby whose willing to sponsor me to come play for any rugby club in the USA.
    I used to play for the Devils Rugby Club in Alice Spring Australia and played for the Central Crusaders 7’s team tour to Darwin Hottest 7’s last year.I would love to come play rugby and gain more knowledge and experience in the U.S..

  6. I wish to help introduce a youth/high school rugby program to Admiral Farragut Academy, a pre-K to 12th grade private, college-prep, boarding and day school located in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a world-renowned boarding and military program that begins in 8th grade.

    Admiral Farragut Academy provides a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development within a diverse community of young men and women.

    I’m a graduate and wish to give back to the school, augmenting their athletic program. Both my sons benefited playing rugby in high school, college, and beyond . . . having received tremendous exposure/education to the world, having played at the highest level throughout the world.

    I need help in building the case for the introduction of an alternative new sport within their athletics’ program and within the leagues they compete.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss. Thank you in advance.


    Harry / 408.375.6572

  7. I’m very interested in joining a club but I have no experience playing nor in depth knowledge of the rules. However, I’m a big competitor and have the endurance and athleticism to play in an adult league. I’m looking for a team to possibly join in south Florida near Doral.

  8. Hi, I am no longer affiliated with the club my contact info is listed for. Could I please be removed, because I don’t want the emails I’ve been getting from people trying to schedule the club & I don’t have the time to forward them to the current players.

  9. Good day.
    Best wishes for 2020, to all at Florida Rugby.

    I would like to introduce myself….. I am a 45 year old male from South Africa, with more than 10 years rugby coaching experience, from u7 to seniors, doing alot of player development and after reading all about Florida Rugby, I would like to apply my knowledge and experience to the Florida Rugby Community, either as a designated team coach or development coaching in general.

    As a skilled rugby coach, I am looking for a coaching position at an established institute, where my abilities will be recognized and appreciated. I am convinced that my background, knowledge of rugby, coaching experience and qualifications all combined make me suitably qualified for your specific requirements.
    Growing up, I always had a great passion for sport, in particular Rugby. After learning from the likes of Blikkies Groenewald, Naas Botha, Wynie Strydom, Willie Hills, Heyneke Meyer, Krynauw Otto, Wicus van Heerden, Vlok Cilliers, Deon Boardman, Jimmy Stonehouse ect, I decided to take up coaching. My reward is seeing a 2nd/3rd-rate player develop into a 1st-Team contender and through my knowledge and experience, I am confident that I can develop any player to his/her’s full potential. I am also confident that I can make a contribution to the administration of a Sports-Institute.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message. Should you have any vacancies or require more information from me, please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards
    Neels Gerber

    +27 71 139 8288

  10. Hi there in Florida,
    I am considering moving to your parts of the World from Durban, South-Africa.
    it would be nice to get some contacts and have a chat about Rugby in the US and what opportunities there might be as a Coach with a few years experience in National as well as Professional Rugby.
    Looking forward hearing from anyone.

    Mike Techet
    mike.techet at

  11. Greetings,
    My name is Carrick Pell – I am the Director of Rugby/Head Coach for Babson College (MA). We are a competitive NSCRO team that is seeking a Spring Break destination for our 7s squad.
    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to open comms with the college teams in Florida.

    Our spring break dates will be 3/14-3/22 – This will be the 3rd trip in 4 years that we have taken. 2017 & 2019 we went to St Thomas, USVI. 2017 was epic because they hosted a 4 team tournament and the training/playing facilities were usable. Due to the Hurricane, the playing facilities were unusable and we went down for a team/skills building week – we also had a very raw team.

    This year, we are still raw, mostly new players, but we are going to be very competitive…

    We are interested in Florida in hopes of having an opportunity to train on reasonably acceptable grounds and maybe get a few 7s matches in over the course of the trip.

    Please guide me to the best contact.

  12. Hello
    I would love to help your clubs negotiate their hotels for any out of town events they have coming up. We are completely free because we get a travel agent commission from any major brand hotel. Our rates are guaranteed the lowest group rates for each hotel.

    Do you have some time to chat to learn how I can help with your hotels?

    Thank you!
    Gina Zabilansky
    3 Stone Travel

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