FRU Moves to Revise Current Discipline Policy

As discussed at the recent AGM, we will be working to review our current discipline guidelines and by-laws. Tonight we will be participating in a webinar hosted by USA Rugby that is meant to inform about efficient and fair processes, review Regulations from World Rugby, and how they apply to local rugby in the USA. We will then be proposing by-law changes based upon discussion at the recent Union meeting and the webinar. We will post those changes and meeting at a later date, however, here are the current World Rugby Sanctions that apply to foul play.

Our current by-laws state:

FRU will utilize USAR discipline guidelines unless USAR lacks a policy. In the event of a conflict between FRU disciplinary policies and USAR disciplinary policies, or if FRU bylaws or policies are silent then USAR disciplinary policies will govern.– added to FRU by-laws on June 29, 2014 

Our by-laws also state . “The business of the D/C and any appeals therefrom to the Executive Committee shall be in compliance with IRB Regulation 17, as promulgated from time-to-time; provided however, to the extent that the terms and conditions of these By-Laws are inconsistent with the terms and conditions of such Regulation 17, the terms and conditions of these By-Laws shall prevail.

Thus, when our by-laws refer that USAR will prevail, if USAR defers to WR, then our by-laws state we should use our own and not WR. These statements all conflict each other in their current form, since USAR deferring to WR was a change made after our by-laws and the 2014 language was added. In addition, it is difficult for someone who gets a red or yellow card or has been cited to know where the policy differs and how that affects them. We want to modify this so it can be more accessible to clubs and players to find the information that they need. The new language and any changes will be posted 45 days in advance of any meeting to vote on these changes. We will email our list of club contacts as well as post here and on facebook when we have new discipline language for review after the board takes part in the webinar and discusses with the current committee what may work best. I know that WR timeline of 48 hours between a card and a ruling is not feasible at the local level as we receive reports up until the Monday following matches.  We will also solicit feedback at our meeting on how this information is shared (the discipline committee rulings). Stay tuned!

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