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Ian Henry 



I have been involved with rugby for 41 years, I started playing Youth Rugby at 10 years old, playing with for the Kuwait Rugby Club. Growing up overseas I have had the honor of playing for multiple clubs before moving to the US to go to college back in 1994. Clubs I have played for include (Kuwait Rugby Club, Dubai Exiles, Al Kobar Eagles, Singapore Cricket & Rugby Club, TASIS England American School, Southwest Texas State University, and Palm Beach Rugby. 

I have been involved with Palm Beach Rugby for over 20 years as a player, officer, and/or Team Manager. Due to a career ending injury I have taken on the role as Team Manager for the last 4 years. During that time Palm Beach has won 2 State Championships and 1 Regional Championship. This has given me a great insight into rugby outside of Florida and has allowed me to continue to learn about ways to grow the sport for all ages and genders. 


I feel with my worldly experiences I can be an asset for the Florida Rugby Union in the role of Men’s VP to help continue to grow all levels of rugby and help enhance the bridge between DII and DIII and DIV. I work well in a team environment and believe in working to mutually benefit everyone especially the great game of rugby and the Florida Rugby Union.


Personal Recognition:

  1. Selected 3 years to represent Texas Collegiate Select Side (College)
  2. Played 8 Caps for the Presidents Select XV (Singapore) 


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