Florida Collegiate Conference (FCC) – Men’s Division 1

Our objective for creating the Florida Collegiate Conference is to provide conditions where growth can occur for all the College teams in Florida.


The FCC is following the traditional USA Rugby eligibility requirements, the general requirement for all students to be eligible to play within league games is:

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student at your that you are attempting to wishing to play for
  • Must be in good standing with your school that you are attempting to play for
  • Must be within 5 years of graduating High School — For the 2022/23 Season – Graduated from HS in 2018 or later

FCC Eligibility Document & Registrar Document – Click Here

  • All teams must have their school sign and stamp their eligibility document, this eligibility document must be sent to fcc@floridarugby.org.
  • In the event a student does not meet these above requirements, they may apply for a waiver to fcc@floridarugby.org. Simply applying for a waiver does not grant the player eligibility to participate within the league matches.

FCC Waiver Documents – Click Here for the FRU Waiver Form

  • Waivers will be granted on these broad guidelines and they can be adjusted by the FCC commissioner depending on the size of the school
    • 6th & 7th-year waivers for players who with undergrads or full-time grad students but have not played 5 played five years of rugby post High School graduation. (General Rule 7 to play 5) — For the 2022/23 Season – Graduated from HS in 2016 or later
    • Not full-time based on normal school course load requirements
    • Graduate students who have not played five years of rugby since graduation from High School, must not have graduated High School more than 7 years ago — For the 2022/23 Season – Graduated from HS in 2016 or later
    • Graduating seniors who have declared to graduate and are not full-time — Must be graduating within 2 semesters of the current season.
    • Other extenuating situations to be considered by the FCC commissioner


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  • Develop higher-performing collegiate play, that will result in the ability for our teams to compete against the best colleges in the country.
  • Develop sustainable and well-resourced clubs that are working towards performance.
  • Control the macro schedule which encourages growth.
  • Offer both 15s and 7s Florida Championship Annually.
  • Create partnerships and pathways to encourage FCC teams to compete regionally and nationally when possible.
  • Develop and utilize the Florida College Representative program that provides for player advancement and tour opportunities.


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