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Available Positions
If your club has an open position you want to be advertised, please contact Evan Haigh (evan.haigh at 

Tampa Krewe U19s 

Tampa Bay Krewe Rugby Football Club is seeking Head Coaching candidates for our Under 19 (High School) Rugby Club. Tampa Krewe RFC was founded in 1991, and since then has been one of the top teams in the state of Florida. We are seeking a Coach to help push the growth and development of Youth Rugby in the Tampa area.

•    Must be able to contribute 8-15 hours per week for meetings, practices, and games. Practice and game schedules to be determined based on COVID.
•    Must have completed necessary coaching certifications (USA Rugby L200)
•    Must have knowledge and understanding of current rugby laws
•    Experience in a youth coaching environment is preferred
•    Leadership experience is preferred

Please send inquiries to Aaron Martin at

Interested in Coaching
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  • Most coaching positions in Florida are volunteer, please do not complete this form if you are looking for a full-time employed position.
  • Please note that coaches based outside of the United States will not be directly connected to Florida Clubs, they will be databased below for any interested clubs to view.

Current Coaches & Clubs
If your club needs to update their current coach and/or add assistant coaches please contact Evan Haigh (evan.haigh at 

College Women
Eckerd Women Coach Kelsey Brachna
FAU Women Coach Kiel Justin McAuley
FIU Women Coach Trevor Alfred
FSU women Coach Steph Schooling
UCF Women Coach Raoul Besse
UCF Women Assistant Coach Mike Waterman
UCF Women Assistant Coach Megan Lawson
UCF Women Assistant Coach Danny Daley
UF Women Coach Gary Byrne
UM Women Coach Emily Panasowich
USF Women Coach
FGCU Women Coach


Senior Women
Fort Miami Women Coach Mike Toms
Fort Miami Women Assistant Coach Troy Benson
Indian River Women Coach Leiris Morejon
Indian River Women Coach Mike Fitzpatrick
Jacksonville Women Coach Melissa Butler
Orlando Women Coach Jamie Vance
Orlando Women Coach Jesenia Torres
Tampa Krewe Women Coach James Woollcombe-Clarke


High School Girls
Boynton Girls Coach Lindsay Koren
Boynton Girls Coach Sean Simon
Jacksonville Girls Coach Aadae Andrews
Jacksonville Girls Coach Ashley Hellett
Wellington Girls Coach Sean Keasler
Tampa Girls Coach
Orlando Girls Coach
Okapi Girls Coach
Indian River Girls U19s Coach


College Men
FIU Men Coach Ronnie Suarez
FSU Men Coach Michael Gomez
UCF Men Coach Evan Haigh
UCF Men Assistant Coach Ken Lindsay
UF Men Coach Ken Simmons
UF Men Assistant Coach TJ Chancellor
UNF Men Coach Ed Clark
FAU Men Coach Steve Mattingley
FGCU Men Coach Ryan Smith
USF Men Director of Rugby Gordon Campbell
USF Men Assistant Coach Colby
USF Men Coach Austin Dacanay
USF Men Assistant Coach Alaska
USF Men Assistant Coach Mitch Bass
USF Men Assistant Coach Sean Masse


D4 Men
UM Men Coach Franklyn Williams
Ave Maria Men Coach Patrick Audino
Daytona Beach Coach steven hughart
Lakeland Coach JD Arbuckle
Indian River Men Coach Jacques de Bruyn
South Florida Coach Ryan Forston
Key West Men Coach James Snyder
Eckerd Men Coach


D3 Men
Brevard  Men Coach Mick Graham
Brevard Men Coach Scott Little
Brevard Men Coach Corkey Newman
Jacksonville Men Coach Paul Sheehy
Jacksonville Men Coach Michael Elliott
Gainesville Men Coach Sid McKissock
Gainesville Men Coach Brad Russell Webster
Palm Beach Men Coach Chris Oosthuizen
Sarasota Men Coach Gary Jones
Sarasota Men Coach Ross Galbraith


D2 Men
Miami “RFC” Men Coach Luis Lucas
Orlando Men Coach Andy Pearce
Orlando Men Coach Chris Corachado
Boca Men Coach Eyal Hakim
Miami “Tridents” Men President Jose Bermudez
Naples Men Coach Bryan Vince
Naples Men Coach Paul Rokella
Naples Men Coach Ian Adendorff
Okapi Men Coach Gavin McLeavy
Tampa Men Coach Eric Saunders
Miami “Tridents” Men Coach Bruno Rusich
Miami “Tridents” Men Coach Dimitri Efthimiou
Miami “Tridents” Men Coach Miguel Peña
Ft Lauderdale Men Coach


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