William (Bill) Clements – Bio

William (Bill) Clements


Rugby Bio

Active in Rugby for over 20 years and in Florida for over 10 years prior to moving out of state, then rejoined Miami Rugby Club in 2016 when rejoined Miami


1969 Father was instrumental in the beginnings of Miami Rugby Club and the Florida Rugby Union

Played at the following club

1975 1980 Christ College School in Brecon Wales 

1981 1983 University of Newcastle England 

1983 1985 Northern Rugby Club, Newcastle England

1985 1995 Miami Rugby Club, Florida

1985 State Player of the year (Miami won State Championship)

1989 1991 Captain & Coach Miami Rugby

1987 1993 Selected to Florida Select side 

Selected to South Select Side

Selected to Eastern Rugby Union Select Side

1991 Representative for Florida at Eastern Rugby Union

Representative for Florida to USA Rugby

2002 Brandywine Rugby Club Philadelphia, Pa

2017 200 Level Coach

Coach Miami Rugby Club


Professional Bio

1985 Graduated from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

1985 1999 COO of Raglan Corporation, Miami Florida

2000 – International Business Manager at John Deere (various roles)


Goals as VP of Men’s Rugby – Florida Rugby Union

Further develop the Men’s Clubs at D2 and D3 levels

Develop with the clubs a competitive schedule considering the regional diversity and long travel distances that the clubs need to contend with to generate success at the next level

Support club recruitment to add depth to all teams

Drive opportunities for the club coaches to develop their skills and also to recruit new coaches

Re-start a Select Side program to provide individual players with opportunities to grow their skills at both 15’s and 7’s

To include the opportunity to tour internationally

Assist with Sponsorship of the club competitions and Select side programs

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