Todd Miller 7s & Southern Conference 7s Championships

Saturday July 18th, 2015

Emery Hamilton Sports Complex (adjacent to the Central Florida Fairgrounds)
4400 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

Tournament Social 

Lucky Lure Bar on Lake Ivanhoe
1427 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804

  • $5 – Wrist bands gets you a bottomless cup
  • Dinner and Food Discounts at Food Truck

Tournament Hotel 

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Downtown
60 S Ivanhoe Blvd
Orlando, FL 32804

Booking Page –

or Call 407-313-6027 or (866) 247-3571 – Request the “Florida Rugby Room Rate”

Tournament Entry 

(Please note that spots are limited only teams who make payment prior to tournament are guaranteed a spot in the tournament. ) 

Further Contact Information – Please contact Kyle McCormick at

South Championships Additional Information

Roster Form – to be collected at check-in. Each player on roster must show photo ID and be available to show ID if requested later in the day if there are any challenges.

1 team advances to Nationals (down from 2 in 2014 due to poor showing by South region at Nationals)

Men’s Seeding

1 Knoxville
2 Old White
3 Ronin (Krewe)
4 Charlotte
5 FIU Men
6 SW FL (Naples)
7 Orlando

Women’s Seeding

1. Orlando
2. Ft. Miami

7 Team Format

There will be one pool of 3 teams and one pool of 4 teams as above.
The winner of Pool A plays the 2nd place team of Pool B in one semi-final
The winner of Pool B plays the 2nd place team of Pool A in the other semi-final
Seeding for the pools will be based on previous qualifier results.
The Number 1 team will play in Pool A
The Number 2 team will play in Pool B
The Number 3 team will play in Pool B
The Number 4 team will play in Pool A
The Number 5 team will play in Pool A
The Number 6 team will play in Pool B
The Number 7 teams will play in Pool B

The number one team will always play in the pool with 3 teams.
Teams that have not played in previous qualifiers will placed in the pools randomly (seeding from previous year or FL pool play)

Pool A

Pool B
Old White

Tournament Schedule – Planned Schedule 7/16/15

live scoring link for southern championships

Pool A matches
Knoxville v FIU
Charlotte v FIU
Knoxville v Charlotte

Pool B matches
Old White v SW FL
Ronin v Orlando
Old White v Orlando
Ronin v SW FL
SW FL v Orlando
Old White v Ronin

A1 v B2
A2 v B1

B4 (out) (7th)
A3 v B3 (5th & 6th place)
Losers of Semifinals (3rd & 4th place)

Winners of Semi-Final (1st and 2nd place)

3 Teams- Women’s

1 v 2
2 v 3
1 v 3

Top 2 Teams play for 1st and 2nd

Scoring and TIme

Each match shall consist of two 7-minute periods with a 1-minute halftime interval except for the final, which shall consist of two 10 minute periods with a 1 minute halftime interval.

Each team should be on the field and ready to play at their scheduled game time. At the qualifying competitions, the Host tournament rule(s) govern this situation. At the Championships, a try will be awarded at 2-minute increments(without goal kicks), with a forfeit occurring at the elapsed time of the first period.

In the case of round robin divisional scoring for advancement shall be as follows:

2 points for a win
1 point for a tie
0 points for a loss

In case of a tie at the end of pool or round robin play, the following criteria shall be used in the order listed:

a. Results of head to head competition between tied teams.
b. Most points scored in divisional play.
c. Point Differential – points scored minus points allowed for all games played.
d. Most tries scored in divisional play.
e. Most converted tries scored in divisional play.
f. Toss of a coin.
In case of a tie at the end of any knockout rounds, i.e. quarterfinals, semifinals, or final, there should be:

a. A rest interval not to exceed 3 minutes.
b. A coin toss to determine choice of kick or end.
c. Sudden Death, in rotating 5-minute periods with a 1 minute rest interval between
f. A maximum of three players may be replaced during a game.
g. If a player leaves a game due to injury, he/she may not participate any further in that
match. The injured player may participate in later matches for that team with approval of the Event Doctor.
h. If a player is sent off for foul play, he/she may not participate any further in that
tournament. The Referee will forward a Disciplinary Report to the host Disciplinary Chairman for review and action.

Eligibility – Formatting is not good, exactly as from –

Section 9. N
9.1. Club and Sevens-Only Team Eligibility.
A club and 7s-only team must be in good standing by June 15th. Good standing includes but is not limited to: com
pleted CIPP registration of the club and team with full payment; in good standing with the GU/CR, and in good
standing according to USA Rugby playing requirements. A club or team may be registered solely to play 7s. Clubs
already enrolled in the current year’s CIPP do not need to re-register to participate in 7s.
Each participating club and 7s-only team may carry a maximum Roster of 12 players per event. No limit on number
of players used by a club or 7s-only team in multiple Qualifying events.
Each Roster must include a minimum of nine (9) players.
Each Roster may include a maximum of two (2) players who do not meet the criteria for player eligibility to partici
pate on the National Team of the United States. Per iRB Regulation 8 a player may only play for the senior USA Na
tional Sevens Team if the player:
Was born
in the United States
Has one parent who was born
in the United States
; or
Has completed thirty-six consecutive months of Residence in the United States immediately preceding the
time of the event
(Legal Resident)
; or
Has not played for the senior National Team of another Union; and
Meets all other IRB standards for National Team Representation
(Appendix II)
For purposes of this rule a player is deemed to have played for the senior National Team of a Union if he or she:
is selected to represent a Union’s senior National Sevens Team in an International Match against the senior National Represen
tative Sevens Team of another Union, and
is present at the Match played by that Team either as a replacement, substitute or playing member of that Team, and,
at the time of the Match, has reached the age of majority.
Clubs may qualify MORE than one team:
Each team must register by June 15th as a separate entity (e.g. Boulder #1, Boulder #2).
Players must register with, and can only compete in Qualifying tournaments for, one club or 7‘s-only team.
A second team registered by an existing club is considered the same as a new club, and held to all USA Rugby
eligibility criteria
9.2. Player Eligibility.
These regulations are designed to prevent club hopping and the importation of guest players to strengthen teams for the
post-season. Players must meet the following criteria in order to participate in this USA Rugby Championships:
Play in at least two sevens Qualifying tournaments (or other tournaments as pre-approved by the NCC), scheduled
at least one week apart, prior to this USA Rugby Championship Event for the club. For purposes of this rule a sevens
tournament is defined as a competition taking place over the course of at least one day between four or more regis
tered sevens teams. Rosters used to qualify players for the National Championships must be verified and submitted
by an event host to USA Rugby.
Be CIPP enrolled for the club and residing in the United States, through initial enrollment or transfer, prior to the
earlier of (i) playing in any match pursuant to a) above and (ii) July 1.
Players may register with any 7s club but may not play in any Qualifying tournaments for any other team or club
during the USA Rugby 7s season. Players who transfer to another club must have approval of their previous club and
GU/CR. Players will be permitted to transfer to a new club for the 7‘s season unless objected to by their original club
for financial reasons or by their original GU for disciplinary issues only.
Players who have not played in any Qualifying tournament with the club to which they are registered, may seek to
transfer their registration to another club and have eligibility with the new club as long as the transfer is initiated
prior to the July 1 deadline and the original club provides a release.
Players may not transfer to another team registered with the same club after either July 1 or after the player has
participated in a Qualifying tournament.
Minors under the age of 18 must have signed parental or guardian consent form on file with the club acknowledging
assumption of risk while participating in the sport.


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