Referee Feedback Form

Referee Assessment

This form is intended as a way for FRU Coaches and FRRA Referee Coaches to provide feedback on the referee of their match. Please try to be as objective as possible as this will be used as a learning and development tool. Whenever possible, please be as specific as possible. If you have video, that is most helpful in order to provide feedback with examples.


Excellent: is excellent/well above grade – (15-18 errors)
Above Average: is very good/above grade – (18-20 errors)
Average: is good/at grade – (20-24 errors)
Below Average: is in need of work/below grade – (24-26 errors)
Poor: is poor or unprepared for work at this level – (More than 30 errors)

NOTE: In a typical International Match a seasoned rugby referee makes an average of 15-18 errors. This does NOT mean we want you to count the referees errors, but realize that this is a generic measuring stick.

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