Match Day Process

Key Items to Remember

Here is a step by step outline of your matchday process

Step 1 – Confirm Referee & Opposition 

  • You need to confirm your referee by Wednesday prior to the match. You can find the referee assignments by clicking here 
  • You need to confirm your opposition by Wednesday prior to the match. You can find the club contacts by clicking here
  • For the visiting team, you need to confirm with the host you will be playing. If your team cannot meet their match obligations, this should be the latest deadline to communicate this to the opposition and the referee.

Step 2 – Print your Rosters & Score Tracking Sheet  

  • Ensure that all of your players are registered with USA Rugby by checking the Public Rosters at 
    • All players must be fully registered, no players are allowed to play if they are registered as a “Training Only” option. 
  • Log into – input your roster into the appropiate match and use the print roster feature. — Please note, if a player does appear within the dropdown menu it most likely because they are registered as “Training Only” only fully registered players appear within this system. 
  • If you need to make any last minute changes to jeresys or name you can write on your roster form. 
  • By request you can check your opposition teams roster and complete an ID check. This can only be done 30mins or more before kick off. 

Step 3 – Pay the Referee before the Match

  • The referee is paid $80 per match for senior rugby and $70 for u19s rugby 
  • B-side & other friendly matches the rate is $1 per minute

Step 4 – In Match Score & Sub Tracking 

Step 5 – Submit your scores online by 9 am on Monday morning 

  • Please summit your scores as soon as you can after the match, the deadline is 9 am on Monday morning.
  • Failure to sumbit scores on time may result in game being ruled a forfiet and/or other sanctioning. 

Please note 

  • Opposing teams and/or the referees may request to complete an ID check of all participating players to ensure that they are registered with USA Rugby and the FRU/FYRU. The FRU/FYRU may send a representative to your match to check IDs.
  • Players outside of the FRU must register/transfer to an FRU team before they can play in a league match. 

Technical Zones

Technical zones are still required. This is not new and is more important than ever. This is a mandatory requirement of World Rugby and USA Rugby. Below you will find these guidelines.

  • Techincal zones must be in place before any match can begin
  • Specators must be on the opposite side as to technical zones
  • No roaming is allowed by coaches, admin and reserve players.
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