Florida Rugby Match Assistant

Job Description:

Acting as Florida Rugby Staff member, the Match Assistant will: Assist with game day compliance checking to including roster check and match day forms. Input scores into USA Stats for both clubs. Will Touch Judge or Assistant Referee the match for the away team if the match does not have assigned Assistant Referees.


Task to be performed:

  1. One hour prior to Kick Off, cross check photo IDs with names on USA Rugby Roster and the Florida Rugby Match Day Form.
    1. Players without a valid photo ID will not be allowed to compete in the match (Having photo/copy of the ID will also be accepted)
  2. Inspect field for required safety and field preparations to include proper goal post padding, full sideline restraints at least 5M from sideline, and the presence of technical boxes. Match will not be allowed to kick off until field is in compliance.
  3. Act as touch judge (or Assistant Referee if certified) for away club side. Ensure that technical boxes are adhered to during match duration. Coach & Support Staffs language, behaviour and conduct are within the World Rugby Regulations.
  4. Post match, input scoring, rosters, substitutions into USA Rugby stats system for both clubs.


  • $20 for pre and post match reporting
  • $20 for Touch Judge or $40 for Assistant Referee per match



  • Florida Rugby will employ this individual as 3rd party 1099 contracted employee
  • Match assistants will reimburse gas costs if travel is over 50 miles from their residence
  • Match Assistants will be assigned and report to Florida Rugby Executive Office
  • Match Assistants will provided with Florida Rugby t-shirt(s) and shorts
  • Payments will be made on a monthly basis on/or near 15th of every month

Apply online @ https://form.jotform.com/80435954939167

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