Summer 2021 meeting explanation of 2020 and 2021 budgets – Youtube

Summer 2021 meeting pdf of Youtube from above

2021 Proposed Budget

2020 Finalized Budget– please see summer 2021 meeting youtube for explanation of negative balance (COVID year, cash flow differences in 2020 compared to 2019, 2018, etc when we received payments from USAR for registrations)

2020 Proposed Budget

2019 Finalized Budget

2019 Proposed Budget

2018 Finalized Budget

2018 Proposed Budget

2017 Finalized Budget 

2017 Proposed Budget

2016 Finalized Budget

2016 Proposed Budget

Florida Rugby Union_2015 spending to date

2015 proposed budget

2014 Final Budget

Florida GU Budget for 2014 – 17 June 2013 (FY 2014)


FRU LAU – 2013 BUDGET Page 1

FRRA budget

Tax Return Copies – currently we have an issue with our exempt status related to issues with filing that we are working to clarify with the CPA who assists us with returns. We cannot make this process move any faster than their response to assist us with this matter. We have copies of these year’s forms and are working to clarify so we can seek reinstatement

FL RUGBY 2019 tax return

FL RUGBY 2018 tax return

FL RUGBY 2017 tax return 

FL RUGBY 2016 tax Return

FL RUGBY 2015 tax return

2015 FL Rugby 990 tax Return

Current Balance Sheets

Savings Account represents half year operating expenses set aside by board – looking for a sponsor bank for investment of this account. Have documentation of GM attempting to secure sponsor and investigating rates at various institutions. Open to an FRU board member facilitating an investment location

Checking Account represents the operational account for the year for upcoming expenses/normal cash flow with dues, etc.

November 2021 BalanceSheet

ProfitandLoss (3)


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