Big Weekend for Florida Cup Standings

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This weekend rounds out the end of Florida Cup matches prior to the FL Cup Finals in Sarasota Nov 7 & 8 weekend (with the exception of Tridents v Daytona which is being rescheduled). Only three teams are 2-0 so far this season: Boca Raton, Naples, and Sarasota.

  • In Pool (A) Sarasota host Naples for the Battle of Gulf on for the #1 seed while Tampa and St. Pete vie for the #3 spot in what could be called the battle of the Bay.
  • In Pool (B) or the Northern Division it is still anyone’s game, with any combination of wins/losses yielding Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tallahassee spot 1 through 4 (all teams are 1-1). We look set to have two equal on points at the end of the weekend. With the previous head to head results determining the seeding.
  • In Pool (C) the Beaches Division, it’s also still anyone’s game, with Boca, Brevard, and Palm Beach still all vying for the #1 spot (Brevard could be 1 with a win over Boca and PB loss to Miami. Boca could be #1 if they beat Brevard regardless of PB match. PB could be 1 with a win and a Boca loss). Boca holds all the cards at the moment with two dominate displays so far this pre-season.
  • In Pool (D) This David & Goliath Division still has the outstanding Tridents/Daytona match to be played, so it is still too tough to make any real predictions at this point, but Indian River still have a shot at the #3 spot with a win vs. Tridents. Tridents with a win can still take any spot 1 through 4.

Best of luck to all the clubs this weekend as we see the FL Cup competition revived to its previous competitive and community spirt within Florida Rugby community. We are really excited to see everyone join in us in Sarasota to Finals Tournament. Please do not forget to book your hotel this week. Hotel pricing and availability will change as we get closer to the event.

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