USA Rugby Representation – URGENT – Vote Needed

Dear Club Officers,

With recent changes to our Union structure, we now will be voting as individual clubs for our representation to the USA Rugby Congress. Florida is part of the NCR2 or South Conference, and we along with Georgia, the Carolinas, and the True South have 2 representatives to USA Rugby Congress. In the past Florida had voted for this representative on behalf of all of its clubs.

I need each member club to vote for the representative they feel would best represent their interests at the National Level. Each Union has nominated a candidate, for Florida we have nominated Martin Gardner, who is president of the FYRU and also a member of the Fort Lauderdale Rugby Club. His entire bio, along with bios of all the candidates, can be found at the following website. At this website there is also an online vote form. We will take your club’s vote from any officer, so please vote. If we receive multiple votes from a given club, then the vote of the President will supersede all other votes, followed by the order given on the online form

Voting is to take place in the next 48 hours, so please vote as soon as you have the opportunity to review the bios and choose your best candidate.

Thank you for your diligence and participation in this voting process.

Kerri O’Malley

President, FRU

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