“Old Boys” Rugby

This is a reminder that all participants in rugby in FL and the USA need to be registered with USA Rugby, including Old boys players. USAR registration/CIPP will be checked at matches including Old boys Games.  Given that Old boys may not have a single club that they identify with for registration, they may register at Large for the Florida GU. If a player is registered “at Large” they are NOT eligible to compete for a club in any Florida competition that leads to a state or national championship, they must be registered for the club with which they want to compete. No exceptions will be made to this policy.
To register:
– select the tab “Unions”
– select the subheading “Florida Geographic Union”
-if competing for a club, select that club
– if not competing for a specific club, find “Florida GU At Large” and select the register button next to that subheading
– the rest of the registration should be self explanatory, but a failure to figure out the registration system in not a reason to be non- compliant

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